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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  December 21, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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y terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. the weather is expected to cause big delays today atta"3y san francisco international airport. this should be thee': heaviest travel day of the holiday season.wkz estimated 130,000 will pass through the airport today. huge snow storm in the:h@ñ midwt is affecting travel and flights are expected to be delayed nationwide. coming up, amy hollyfield will join us live from sfo with more. this morning four are recovering after a hit-and-run crash and rescue effort last night in san francisco before 9:00 in the twin peaks area on christmas tree point road. three beam were hit by a car and knocked off the edge of a hill -- all rescued by paramedics.8nñ police say a woman was takenrle to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.
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suspect's car was found a short distance away. one person in the car injured and taken to the hospital. police are determining whether the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 4:32. this morning police searching for the driver who hit and killed a man and his dog at intersection of sutter and louisiana streets. 64-year-old man was returning from a walk with his dog when they were struck the man died on his way to the hospital. police believe he was hit by a motorcycle. last word police had not released the victim's name. in and around connecticut and in many places across america this morning to mark the moment one week ago a gunman opened fire at an elementary school. wendy-soz gillette joins us liv. >> reporter: we've seen a long the hill into newtown today,
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one sign thatm-aw÷ life is starg to return to normal here. u/@ there is a heavy police presence as the town gets ready for the governor and other state officials who will mark that moment of silence something that will happen across÷mb the country today. bells across connecticut will toll 26 times 9:30 this morning, marking the exact moment when terror!yjy& invaded sandy hook elementary. governor malloy called for a moment of silenceí?m and asked billings with bells to#b"=@ rig . for every --s many governors asked residents silence. yesterday, friends and family said good-bye to four more childrev0e:nxñc benjamin. >> there should be no reason for a coffin that small.
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>> reporter: two teachers werepf also laid to rest. murphy was found shielding during her service the cardinal of new york?juz compard «ñ emuh+ssb.6l parker launched lantern for each victim in utah last night. >> there's no reason for us to be here tonight ä new hampshire attended by 25 -- private service in new hampshire attended by 25 family members. attorney general holder met responders and investigators yesterday. >> i hope the healingzhenç can begin. it going to be a long haul, changes have to be made.?i the long line of grieving continues for the fifth straight day. there will be more funerals
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today, including one for the wendy gillette, abc7 news.jíjh morning's moment of silence m our timeh47xi on abc 7, during the morning news we will also stream it live on y public memorial will$8s1ñ take place this evening ata/@=q concord high for a football r4 death xmm in san francisco he died after being shot in the bay view coaches descbpx3ñ him as a leader. tonight's$2!q vigil will start t az at concord high. in san rafael, search he hit citibank on third street and tamalpais avenue yesterday. the man in a red hoodie and sunglasses
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talking to the teller. police say he demanded cash and ran. unclear if he was carrying a weapon. described as tall and slender and hands. more than 130 concessionnx wofpgrj at oakland's international airport are threatening to strike a3z(&ó eay as today because of a labor impasse. union workers are having a disagreement with hms host company that-4zu runs concessios the union says they want employees9bcg to pay for any [ meal breaks and freeze wages for the rest of the country. they plan to rally noon to 6 outside the airport terminals today. big travel day, big weather day and the two do not get along well. hrz streetesnúh level -- lip
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-- rain went across hot springs road towards09éñ glen allen where the heaviest of the rain is falling now. rohnert park you can see in the heart west see rather avenue, stony point road, out to east cotati avenue, petaluma road your rainfall is about to gethj'& ót(u)q) there could be ponding on the roads. pepper road,z. spring hill, fallon, marsh road, bodega highway, all that area up to occidental, getting heavy rain right now. we've had almost 2/3 of an inch up in santa rosa during the overnight hours. here's[iy,z san pablo bay, san rafael, bay bridge all staying up in the north bay now. through the morning commute this is going to slowly migrate towards us that means
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watch out if you are in the bay over the next couple of hours south bay probably not more rain saturday through sunday, monday dry. first look at bay bridge toll, heavy -- high winds on high winds at thisdnç hour. 6 windy, we don't have an advisory yet, traffic light towards foster city. i wanted to show you!qagy on our traffic app this is windsor, 101 at windsor river road northbound right"0r lane floode. take extra caution, hit water and hydroplaning dangerous, north bay pooling and standing water. this is a free app,prñl9+ downd it at the apple app store or google play and navigate your commute. next, san francisco police officers raise money to give
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students a sense of school pride. big donation being announced today that will help an east bay community rebuild a dream.
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good morning. 4:41. live look from rooftop camera towards the bay and bay bridge not raining in san francisco now there is rain on the way starting in the north bay and will push through the rest of the bay area mike will tell you where going to hit, shortly. this morning city of berkeley offering $15,000 reward for information to help police solve a murder. you police fond a 50-year-old sgúchan pamela mullins on the
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sidewalk near her home before midnight december 4th. she was riding her bike
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but it wasn't the cold that prompted the gift. >> reporter: on the basketball court at st. peters school members of the class proudly wear their new grey sweaters. >> i love them, they are super warm, since it is winter now, amazing. >> reporter: they are replacements for the ones they had earlier in the school year. >> other ones were blue andmjx had the number on the back with our names. >> reporter: in thise neighborhood that number an> one of the sergeants saw these students wearing the blue sweatshirts with the number 13 on the back and realized the neighborhood the problem. >> reporter: for the safe of the kids the police asked the school to collect -- the sweaters then officers collected $1600 to buy new ones. these nice new grey sweaters
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are courtesy of the san franciscovle police dy#$franciscovle police out last wednesday. the school's vice were redesigned. >> we took theozow÷o=6 off, ü÷ names are back. >> reporter: the old sweatshirts are stored inside the police station plans are to give them away. the new ones are a big hit for the class of 2013. >> it is their job to look out but i feel special because they are watching out for us also. >> reporter: in san francisco, sergio quintana, abc7 news. this morning a charity is still short of the toys and other gives it needs to make this a bright christmas for hundreds of youngsters in the south bay. we told you about the givejgkhvy yesterday morning they handed out of gifts yesterday and it continues today. organizers needç&añ 400 more gis
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primarily for teenagers to supply(av=q the toy box programl gifts are going to families who might otherwise not be able to afford them this year if you would like to help go to click on see it on tv. we are hitting 4:45. huge weather day out there. we will need to know where all this rain is going to fall not just today but over the next several days. >> doppler is going to be busy this morning. been busy already not necessarily here over the mount sutro towards san francisco towards the east baywkñ.á@ up in the north bay, oranges and yellows, we have moderate to heavy rain up there. let's show you how it is rohnert park, bodega bay, occidental to santa rosa, waves of heavy rain moving
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through this area. if you are in this area, any of these roads ponding there. up in the northern sections of napa with. heavierm 10 warbgs 1, king ridge road, all of those areas are getting wet weather now. it is coming didn't at aóaél god clip. if we put this into motion over the last three hours training going over the same area over and over and over again. that's why we have ponding on the roads right now our rivers and lakes and streams are through the morning hours steady, some heavy at times, afternoon heavier rain again tonight a little break tomorrow afternoon when the least amount of rain is going to hit then stead remember rain for the better part of
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sunday andx.tñj7 we'll finally a break monday before more rain poll rolls in tuesday and wednesday of next week. -- slow moving front bringing heavy rain to the north bay now 2/3 of an inch in santa rosa. you can see the waves behind it\xe going to move in. steadier rain in the heart of the bay from san francisco up 80 to fairfield, towards the end of the7+q ú[nájj(ááreuz, going to move into the south bay, by noon showers starting to develop and then we'll have a little steadier rain into the evening hours overnight, here it comes our next pushûa.0, 9:00 up in the north bay into the heart of the bay by 3:00 in the morning, exiting the south bay by 8:00, when the heaviest rain is going to be over, tomorrow afternoon, a vkt8as we head towards sunday wm front coming our way going to spread rain steady rain from the morning hoursáyir through
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about 5:00 in the afternoon. impressive, up to eight inches north bay valleys, up to four inches north bay,íí1q one to te inches around the bay, one to two.ib?# inches south bay. again, monday looks to be about the only dry day in the forecast. good morning. flooding in windsor area north 101 at windsor river road. live look at macarthur maze from the east and 580 towards the maze or 880 from the north or towards the north i should say 80 west headed into the this hour. antioch and highway 4z=eh westbound towards pittsburg good ride at this hour no delays no roadwork out there this morning. out of the central valley up and over the altamont everythingpccq moving nicely at( the limit under 20 minutes from the altamont to 680 junction roadwork in the city
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north 280 san jose avenue until 5:00. 4:48. new this morning, north korea says itoppx has detained an american citizen after he confessed to committing unspecified crimes. state media identified the man they say he's from washington state and known there as kenneth bay. officials say crimes were proven through evidence but didn't elaborate. media reports say he was taken into custody after entering the country in early november as part of a tour. congress headed into the holiday recess with the nation still teetering on the edge of the fiscal cliff. boehner was forced to call off a vote on plan b after several republicans said they wouldr7tm vote against it.[ç[d he's trying to arrange another meeting with president obama. he's expected to hold a news conference this morning at 7:00 our time. former marine stationed
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outside a school, why he's now in trouble. the end of the world? maybe notw[vm, we arewpoe stie so are the hundreds who are making a mint off the mayan doomsdayyybvb prophesy. we are tracking the storm on live doppler 7 hd, as more rain moves into the bay area, mike will tell you what to expect.
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good morning. 4:52. golden gate bridge a few cars, we don't see much moisture but mike will tell you more. update on a storyñy2 about a brazen armed robbery inside a packed east bay wal-mart. police want you to look at cameras, two men they think held up the davis street wal-mart in san leandro monday afternoon.
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a 5/ least one of the men was armed with a handgun when the pair robbed a store it happened when the store was investigators are offering a $1,000 reward for information in the case. san francisco giants' fans will have a chance to take a picture with both world series trophies. the team announcing it will hold a tour featuring both trophies. they will travel throughout the bay area, northern % moving to san francisco. the tour begins january 8th, in sacramento concludes at at&t park opening day april we've posted a link on click see it on tv. 4:53 now.3 the man of this-uz morning everyone is going to need --
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>> no pressure dude. >> none taken, thanks. let's move in and see where heavier cell isi-kss, right the, heading towards qut are gettingufs the heaviest of the urpr heading up to it,kñ inches noh santa cruz mountains, two to four inches peninsula, three to six north bay, one to two inches south bay by sunday evening. heading up above 4,000 feet the snow is about to start in the sierra. good morning.
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no chain requirements at this hour, that could change we'll follow that if you are traveling to tahoe today. bayó)qcñ bridge lightg%, very y on the upper deck on the entire span just bear that in mind if that is your commute. light traffic on8lñ san mateo bridge, a few tail lights brake lights towards the highrise and foster city. one area of roadwork westbound dumbarton bridge one lane until 6:00 this morning. it is a bit slow towards menlo park. 4:55. former marine-t1[añ who stationd himself in front of a central california elementary school since the newton shoot something facing questions about his service history. he earned praise for doing ofm2wm modesto. the marine corps rebukes statements he made to the local newspaper. the corp says he was not a reservists and never÷áé  deplop
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to afghanistan. he was discharged in 2008 as a private less than a year after serving. meteorite that exploded over eldorado county this spring was one of the fastest, rarest to hit the earth scientists, including nine from uc=iñ davis. this is a picture of the meteorite, it was the rarest composed of cosmic dust and materials that help form the 50,000 years ago it broke off and began winding is way fromy ñ jupiter, it passed mercury and venus before landing april 22nd. i was the size of a minivan pieces were found in parks, parking lots, two pounds were he scientists andfu+[ private collectors. looks like the predicted end of the world has turned in a d ud stemming from a mayan
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calendar that ended with today's date. -- many turned that into a marketing opportunity especially in mexico and guatemala. >>k.q1m here neariñbpo a date ts going to -- [ unintelligible ] >> before we came we thought according to thenbt[ mayans it s the end of the world. >> archeologists say that prediction is hooey and recommend you get a new calendar. if you are squeamish about like this. a child care center was forced to shutdown because of snake infestation. the director called for help after employees first spotted a baby python yesterday, one. snake catchers found an eight foot longnrcz python with 23 babies inside of her, not to4af÷ 'íq÷ the pythons released into the wild. >> aren't theym÷kñqh
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the bay area is waking to a wet, windy morning. if it is not raining where you are, just wait. ahead, threatened walk-out at a bay area airport that could throw a monkey wrench into holiday travel plans.2hc of hundreds of people.
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good morning. 5 a.m.p#)x on this friday, big weather, big travel ahead of the holidays i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. i'm eric thomas.=]@ab


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